Thursday, May 08, 2008

If I Don't Call...

Q: Does it mean that i dont care?

A: No it doesn’t mean you don’t care, however, it can/may convey to the person who wants to hear from you that you’re not willing to step outside your comfort zone to let them into your thought processes. A lot of space in between phonecalls during a time of newness just sends a message of disinterest.
It also depends on who or what this person is to you, did you mention up front that you’re not really a phone person, are you using that as an excuse to not really be bothered to exert the energy?

The same way you wish to know without a shadow of a doubt that someone’s into you… the same way, the other person would want to know.

I’m a firm believer that one makes time, or does what one doesn’t necessarily like to do, if one decides that the other party merits it or not.

Granted, in every relationship, it seems as though one party ends up with the onus of keeping it going. There’s one person that will call more often, one person that will say, I haven’t heard from … in a while, let me see what’s up. I guess with every relationship, you decide… which one you’re going to be or evolve into.

For a relationship (any type) to grow or go anywhere, it takes some nurturing, some time and some sacrifice… ergo, so if the phone is not it… you betta be an emailing so and so, a texting so and so, an IM-ing so and so or a postcard mailing so and so… do something so the other party knows they’re not in this thing… alone.

Jus my two cents.

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