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Blog Tour: Excerpt/Giveaway Red Ink by Kathi Macias - Day 4

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It's day number four of the Virtual Book Tour of Red Ink, Book #3 in the extreme devotion fiction series by award winning author, Kathi Macias.

Below is an excerpt of Red Ink to whet your appetite just a bit followed by instructions how to enter the giveaway to win a copy of Red Ink:


By Kathi Macias


Yang Zhen-Li was nearing thirty but at times felt twice that old. Her back was becoming permanently bent forward from the heavy pails she carried daily, one attached on each end of the thick bamboo rod that stretched across her shoulders, mirroring the heaviness of her heart. There had been a time when she’d been acclaimed as a beauty, but she could scarcely remember why…or imagine that it would matter.

She tried to fight the encroaching darkness, tried to hold fast to what she knew was true, but the constant lies and propaganda were taking a greater toll even than the physical labor and abuse or the burning, gnawing hunger. If her situation didn’t change soon, she knew she would never live long enough to see her husband or son again. And with nearly eight years of her ten-year sentence left to serve, the possibilities of her emerging from prison alive grew dimmer by the day.

For to me, to live is Christ, and to die is gain. She forced herself to focus on one of the many scripture verses she’d had opportunity to memorize between the time she accepted Zhu Yesu as her Savior and her arrest by members of the Public Security Bureau (PSB) on charges of teaching religion to children, including giving them papers containing religious writings. Even before her arrest, her parents had written to her—warned her, begged her, threatened her—and finally had her kidnapped in an attempt to convince her to go along with the government rules, especially the one limiting each family to one child. After all, she already had a healthy son. Why would she want another baby when they could scarcely afford to feed the first one? But though her abductors had forcibly aborted her second child, they had not succeeded in convincing Yang Zhen-Li to abandon the faith she had adopted before marrying her Christian husband. If anything, the ordeal had only strengthened her resolve to take a stand for the meaning of her name—Zhen-Li, “Truth,”—and spurred her to begin actively sharing the Good News of Yesu every chance she got. As a trained teacher, that quite naturally included talking with children about the gospel, a practice expressly forbidden by the government.

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Blog Tour With Kathi Macias - Day 3

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Hello and welcome to Day #3 of the At the Water Cooler Virtual Book Tour for award winning author, Kathi Macias.

Below are the stops for day three. Please check them out. You can also click here to view the schedule of stops to date. Age is Just a Number will be the tour host for tomorrow, Sunday, the 24th so come on back to learn more about the book, the author and have a chance to win yourself a copy of Red Ink..

Day #3 - Saturday, October 23, 2010
A Cozy Reader’s Corner Reviews

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Blog Tour With Kathi Macias - Day 2

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Hello and welcome to Day #2 of the At the Water Cooler Virtual Book Tour!

Below are the stops for today. Age is Just a Number will be hosting the tour on Sunday, October 24th so do come on back for your chance to learn more about the book, the author and have a chance to win yourself a copy of Red Ink!

If you missed yesterday's stops, you missed a treat!

Kathi answered some questions for us at At the Water Cooler and shared a nice juicy excerpt over at A Cozy Reader's Corner Reviews. Once you're caught up, hop on over to today's stops, but don't forget to come back here on the 24th!

Follow the Tour for more opportunities to win a copy of Red Ink, More Than Conquerors or No Greater Love each day.

Day #2 - Friday, October 22, 2010

A Cozy Reader’s Corner Reviews

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Red Ink Blog Tour/Giveaway - Day #1

Red Ink Blogtour Banner

Hi Folks!

The tour has begun! Below are the stops for day one. I'll be hosting on Saturday, the 23rd so come on back for your chance to learn more about the book, the author and have a chance to win yourself a copy of Red Ink.

Now hop on over to the first stops, but don't forget to come back!

Day #1 - Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Cozy Reader’s Corner Reviews

At the Water Cooler

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Coming Soon: Blog Tour/Giveaway: Red Ink

At the Water Cooler - #1 Book Info Spot (ATWC1) is excited to announce the blog tour/giveaway for Red Ink, the third book in the Extreme Devotion Fiction Series by author, Kathi Macias.

The tour is scheduled to run from Thursday, October 21, 2010 - Thursday, October 28, 2010. Along the tour, there will be opportunities to win a copy of Red Ink as well as Book #1, No Greater Love (South Africa) and Book #2, More Than Conquerors (Mexico).

We will be hosting the tour on Sunday, October 24th

That's only three days away!

Be sure to follow us or subscribe to our feed to ensure that you don't miss it! (No, being a follower is not mandatory in order to be eligible, it just would be appreciated.)

Here's a bit about the book and the author:

Red InkRed Ink (Extreme Devotion Series: China #3)
Author: Kathi Macias
Publisher: New Hope Publishers
Release Date: October 4, 2010
ISBN-10: 1596692790
ISBN-13: 978-1596692794
Paperback: 320 pages
List Price: $14.99
Sale Price: $10.19

A young Chinese woman, Zhen-Li—raised to observe the party line, including its one-child-per-family doctrine—falls in love with and marries a Christian, and adopts his faith. Though the couple downplays their Christianity in an effort to survive, Zhen-Li’s family is appalled, and she and her husband are ostracized. When she becomes pregnant for the second time and refuses to have an abortion, the persecution begins in earnest. Zhen-Li’s parents, under pressure from the government, pay to have Zhen-Li kidnapped and the baby aborted.

It is then Zhen-Li decides she must live up to her name—"Truth"—and take a firm stand for her faith, regardless of the consequences, and so she begins to regularly teach children about Zhu Yesu ("Lord Jesus") and to distribute Christian literature every chance she gets.
Based loosely on the life of Christian magazine editor Li Ying, currently serving a ten-year prison sentence in China, the story of Yang Zhen-Li tells the desperate tale of her incarceration and separation from her family, as she continues to minister to other prisoners, and even to her guards.
About the Author:
Kathi MaciasAward-winning author Kathi Macias has written more than 20 books, including the award-winning devotional A Moment a Day, and the popular "Matthews" mystery novels. One of her recent novels, Emma Jean Reborn, is being put into script form by playwright Barry Scott. Kathi has won many awards, including the Angel Award from Excellence in Media, fiction awards from the San Diego Christian Writers Guild, and the grand prize in an international writing contest. With women's ministry as her primary interest, Kathi is a popular speaker for women's retreats, conferences, and churches. A mother and grandmother, Kathi and her husband, Al, call California home.

Click here to read an interview with Kathi.

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My Way of Saying Thanks

Hi Folks,

More fun for those of you who had as much fun as I did with the Welcoming the Fall Giveaway where I offered prizes from five of my blogs:

  • Age is Just a Number - Online dating, relationships, articles (This blog)
  • BookZone - Introductions to new and not-so-new authors (temporarily down for domain transfer)
  • Divine Perspective - Life, relationships, love, books, writing and more---from a Christian Perspective   
  • Divine Truth Press - Ministry via the published word (temporarily down for domain transfer)
  • Naked and Unashamed - Transparent ramblings of an abuse survivor
I have since learned that maybe five is a bit much, since I've finally finished packaging and mailing out all the prizes. (There is no post office in walking distance and since I don't currently have a car I had to bite the bullet and re-open my internet postage account).