Thursday, September 30, 2010

And the Winners Are...

Scottsgal and Melanie L!

They were chosen out of a pool of 38 submissions, some specifying, one title or the other or both choices.  With the use of a spreadsheet and random numbering system at Scottsgal won a copy of Age is Just a Number

and Melanie L. won a copy of The Great Sex Secret

Thanks to you both and everyone else who participated. I've notified Scottsgal and Melanie L. via email and they have already replied.  So no suspenseful, nail biting drama as we count down to 48 hrs.  LOL.

Boy this was fun!  Much thanks to the ladies at Good Choice Reading who hosted the Welcoming the Fall Giveaway.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

At Least a Hamburger Happy Meal

Hi Folks,

Divine is in the house today to share another of her, It-Could-Only-Happen-To-Me, moments with her regulars and those of you surfing in looking for a little Fall Giveaway fun! While humorous, it does bring to mind the questions, "What are we teaching our teens today? Is chivalry or decorum obsolete? What about selfworth?" And yes, the characters names are Mary and Jesus, but before you run away saying. . .ooo. . .she talking bad about Jesus. . .that's Hay-suce not Jesus. . .LOL.  So read on...

At Least a Hamburger Happy Meal

Divine inserted her key and pushed open the storage-room door. It slammed shut. She turned the key and pushed the door again, and just as quickly, it slammed again. After trying to figure out how a storage room catches a wind, she dismissed that idea and reached into her pocket for the original set of keys. She inserted the key and pushed the door in, applying more pressure this time, and came up against resistance accompanied by a faint rustling noise. Again the door slammed shut.

Okay—the wind can’t be blamed for all of that. There’s someone in there! Now curious, she once again turned the key, and as she was about to put her weight behind her push, the door gave way and she was eyeball to eyeball with two flustered teens. As Divine opened her mouth to speak, the slender, fair-skinned young lady’s eyes slid away from hers. The girl fixed her disheveled shoulder-length hair, slid past Divine, and disappeared down the nearby hallway.

“Oh my gosh! Were you locked in there?” Divine asked, looking at the remaining teen. He shrugged his shoulders, nodded his head, and said, “Uh . . . yeah.”

With forced nonchalance, he walked around Divine and headed in the opposite direction. Divine left the storage-room door ajar and was halfway down the hallway when a thought occurred to her. Wait—don’t those doors look from the inside? She turned around to check, ensuring that she had her cell phone with her in case she got locked in. The resident manager getting locked in a storage room wouldn’t exactly be good press.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Welcoming the Fall Giveaway Has Begun!

Hi Folks,

The Welcoming the Fall Giveaway hosted by Good Choice Reading is now well underway. It is a week long event running from September 22 - 29.   This is my first time hosting a giveaway as part of a Blog Hop.  I'm participating via five of my blogs (#47 - #51 in the Linky List below). I look forward meeting all of you.  Now for the reason you're here--to win a book!

The prizes are:

Age is Just a Number: Adventures in Online Dating by D.S. White

Release Date: 9/15/2006


MEET DIVINE: female, thirty-seven, slaphappy, young at heart, self-employed; an online newbie, living in New York. She is fresh out of a long-term relationship and has completed the two-year mandatorywound-licking I-hate-men mourning period. Unfortunately for Divine, someone neglected to inform her that dating has been upgraded to new millennium level. But maybe she shouldn’t worry … hemlines aren’t the only things that have gone up.

Thirty-somethings are premium dating material now … at least for the twenty-year-olds … Divine’s experiences are the basis for the serialmemoir I call Age Is Just a Number, a lens through which to view the world of online dating.

The Great Sex Secret: What Satisfied Women and Men Know That No One Talks About by Kim Marshall

Release Date: November 1, 2006

Mutual satisfaction during lovemaking - true fulfillment for both partners - really matters, especially in long-term love relationships. But because of the way our bodies "interface" during straightforward intercourse, women are often left unsatisfied. Throughout history, one-sided sex has been the norm - male contentment and female frustration. Even today, with our improved understanding of sexual anatomy, many couples are still in the same fix. Marshall's carefully researched and superbly written book tells what a few fortunate lovers have discovered - and almost never talk about. "The Great Sex Secret" gives a detailed, straightforward description of three approaches that reliably deliver mutual satisfaction. This book is a perfect conversation-starter for couples who want to find their way to sexual happiness but are having difficulty talking about the details.

Giveaway rules:
  • The form must be filled out to enter (all items marked (*) are required)
  • Contest is US ONLY and ends September 29th
  • Once contacted, the winner will have 48 hours to respond with his/her mailing address
  •  While comments are not mandatory, they are lovely to receive
Once you have filled out the form below and entered this giveaway, you then hop onto the next site via the Linky List below.

Fill Out Entry Form

Good Luck!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Welcoming the Fall Giveaway

Hi Folks,

Next week I'll be participating in the Welcoming the Fall Giveaway hosted by Good Choice Reading. It is a week long event running from September 22 - 29. The giveaways can be anything book related. Signups are being accepted until Saturday, September 18th 11:59 PM.

Below is the list of blogs signed up so far, you may add your blog then send an email to Goodchoicereadin (at) to advise of your entry. For directions on how the hop will work Click HERE.

Hope to see you there!