Thursday, September 29, 2005

How to Treat a Woman vs How to Treat a Man

Wine her, Dine her;
Call her, Hold her;
Surprise her,
Compliment her;
Smile at her,
Listen to her;
Laugh with her,
Cry with her;
Romance her,
Encourage her;
Believe in her,
Pray with her;
Pray for her,
Cuddle with her;
Shop with her,
Give her jewelry;
Buy her flowers,
Hold her hand;
Write love letters to her; and
Go to the ends of the earth and
back again for her.


Show up naked.
Bring chicken wings.

I received the above post in an email from my group of sisters. Upon receipt, I cracked up at it, thinking to myself, "Ain't that the truth!"

After the day was over and I was at home unwinding doing my reflection, it again crossed my mind, but this time I thought about it from the male's point of view and this is what I came up with:

At the cost of being drummed out of the sisterhood club, I just want to give a holler to those (not all) sisters (females) who expect all of the nurturing above in exchange for some s*x and some take out (if he's lucky). Now, I'm not gonna front, I'm not the cookingest sister in the world, but I can read a recipe at 55wpm.

Having become a Dear Abbylequa or Dr. Ruthquisha of sorts in the online dating arena, I've heard just as many or maybe more, tales of woe from men who are raising their children without child support etc. (Blew my mind!)

Yes, as women, we've been mistreated, lied to, cheated on, abused, misused and more, but in our attempts to rise above our situations and circumstances, does it mean we have to grind the brothers (men) down, reduce them to the lowest common denominator?

Can our reclaiming our selfworth, declaration of respect for ourselves or covenant to hold men accountable for their actions not include respect for the men as well?

I dunno about you but downing someone else to make me feel better, hasn't been working so about you?

I say we throw away the gender card and treat men, the way we want to be treated?

What say you?

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Choices: To Do or Not to Do...the Ex

"C'mon...hold it...

you know

you want to..."

As the sunset burned its radiance into her retinas, Lee thought about the events of the day. The way she and Dom had fallen back into sync, getting their daughter off to school for her junior year at the University of Pennsylvania. She marveled at the way they’d not argued one single time and she noted how delighted Dom and Felicia had been all day long. She couldn’t help but say to herself, Now why couldn’t we have been like this…four years ago? Then she remembered. Four years ago, I cared more about his feelings than I did mine, that’s the difference. Just as she shook off the nostalgic moment, Dom said,

“That was nice wasn’t it? Didn’t it remind you of old times?”

Without a twinge of guilt she replied, “No, not really, because I enjoyed today. Had this been 'old times' I’d have been ready to murder you by now.”

Dom had the nerve to give her an uncomprehending look; a look she pretended not to see as she continued gazing at the horizon, blind to the exit signs they passed as the car sped on towards Allentown.


Oh Lawd, why did I open my big mouth? Lee thought to herself as they left the restaurant and headed towards Wal-Mart for the fourth time that day. This time, they made the trip so that Dom could obtain overnight toiletries for his unplanned overnight stay at Lee's apartment.

To ensure that things would move along nicely, Lee got out of the car, pulled a shopping cart, and headed purposefully in the direction of the men's section. Finding the correct underwear, she dropped it into the cart, moved along to the toiletries and added razors and a toothbrush, then did a speedwalk to the checkout line. Just as she was about to pay for the items, Dom arrived to take care of the bill.

The trip to her apartment was accomplished in silence as Lee mentally choreographed her "to do" list before she could politely shut her door and have some "Lee time" before she went to bed.

As they entered the apartment, Lee assumed her hostess role. She went to the closet, took out clean sheets and towels, and made up the bed in her mother's room for Dom, then placed towels in her mom's bathroom. She was retreating to her room when she was halted by the question:

"So I can't sleep in your room?"

Lee cracked up and, without turning around, continued into her room. "Yeah, right!"

Still chuckling, she turned to close her door. She had only an inch left to close when Dom knocked on the door. She opened it with a smile. "What?"

She was met by a face that didn't seem to mirror her good humor. She stopped smiling long enough to repeat her response. "What?"

"I can't believe you're being so rude!" Dom said.

Confused now, Lee replied, "Rude? Rude how?"

"Well, you see me here, I'm your guest, and you're just going to go into your room and shut your door?"

Has the negro been sniffing something? "Let me get this straight. I invited you to sleep over so that you don't have to drive back to New York tonight; you've got your own room and bathroom; I even made the bed for you--and now that I'm going to change my clothes, in my room, I'm being rude?" Lee said

"Yes," he replied. "You don't have to shut the door on me. What are you hiding anyway? I've seen it all before."

Oh no he din't go there! She rolled her eyes and placed her hands on her hips, then stated. "Well, since you've seen it all before, I don't see what's the problem. Ain't nothing new or changed since you last saw it all." Lee smartly shut the door.

As she unzipped her jeans, she heard another knock. She did a frustrated silent tantrum dance as she thought, See? That's what you get for being nice. Shoulda let his a** drive on back to Brooklyn, but had to invite him to sleep over, talking 'bout there's two bedrooms and mom's in the nursing home right now. That negro look like he wanna sleep in any other bedroom?

"What? she replied, in her "you're-working-my-last-nerve" voice.

"Can I shower in your bathroom?" was the tentative response.

"NO!" Lee exploded. "Use that bathroom out there."

Silence. There was finally blessed silence. Taking the silence as a sign of defeat, Lee undressed, showered, and put on her sleep gear. Just as she'd settled in front of her computer to check her emails and get her chat on, she heard another knock. Knowing better this time around, she didn't even go to the door. She shouted, "Good night Dom!" and continued reading her emails.

"Can I come in for a minute to show you something?"

"Ok, make it quick!" she said, harried. When her door opened and Dom walked in naked from the waist down, all that went through her mind was, I think I'm gonna hafta hurt his feelings tonight, cause the negro is thicker than a plank. I don't know if he's in denial, or if he thinks he's irresistible or if he's just a horny toad and ain't thinking...but...

She kept her gaze on the computer screen and said, "No thanks. I really don't want to see that."

She hadn't outright screamed at him, and Dom took that as the all-clear to walk his naked behind into the room, stand next to the computer and peek over her shoulder. By that time Lee had finished checking her emails and was browsing one of her dating websites,

His eyes lit onto the screen and he said, "Aha, I knew you wanted some. Why look for it online when I'm right here? C'mon, hold it, you know you want to..."

Lee had had enough. Delicate male ego or no, he was about to get it. His guardian angels must be off duty tonight or something, cause there ought to be some serious flapping of wings right about now. He took a good look at her face and backed away a bit. Ahhh "Houston we have a problem message finally got through...good job Angels! She simply stated, "Please don't make me regret that I extended my hospitality to you."

His eyes slid sideways a bit and he turned to leave the room. When he got to the door, he couldn't resist one last try. "You really gonna let me go to bed with blue balls? I haven't had sex in almost two years--since the divorce began."

"Welcome to my world," Lee replied. "A cold shower helps."

The door was almost shut when he popped his head back in one more time. "I know you've always been particular," he said, "so this internet thing you're doing really scares me. Be careful, I don't want you to get hurt." Lee gave him no response; just stared at the screen and clicked the mouse until she heard the door close. She stopped clicking and exhaled. Although she didn't let on, Dom's persistence had scared her a bit. Deep down she doubted it would have escalated to a date rape situation, but her previous experience had left her a bit wary.

As she shook off the fear, anger came in. Had Dom thought that it could really be that easy to step back into her bed, her heart? Why would she allow herself to go back there? Why would she become the other woman, when she'd held the number one position for years? And he even had the nerve to warn her about online predators! What about the predator in the other room?

If it wasn't so sad, she thought, it would really be funny--the man who ripped my heart out and served it up to me on a plate is concerned about me participating on an online dating site. Heck, at least the online predator is upfront about what he wants. He doesn't couch it in unfulfilled promises of fidelity. Even if an online relationship did hurt her, she knew that no one after a short acquaintance could ever equal the damage done by Dom--no one would, ever again, because no one would ever be allowed the chance to get that close. She would never be that open. But heeeeyyy, she wasn't bitter... much.

~ The End.

Every day of our lives we are faced with choices. Some days the choices are clear-cut, some days the choices slide into the gray zone. In Lee's situation, her choice to house her ex-fiancĂ© overnight falls smack dab into said gray zone. So let’s deal with the questions—shall we?
Can lovers really revert to friends?

Who do you think was right in the above situation? Lee or Dom?

Did Lee send conflicting signals?

What do you think motivated Lee's response to the situation?

a) Her vow of abstinence?
b) Revenge?
c) Her fear of pain?
d) Her pride?
e) Her increased self-esteem?

Was she expecting too much of Dom?

Do you think Dom was really as thick as he acted?

Do you think Dom had grounds for worry with regards to "real" relationships vs "online" relationships?

Do you think the situation could/should have been avoided?

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Infidelity: Where Does It Begin?


cyber sex



I dreamt about my ex-husband last night. Disturbing? A little, since w e’ve been divorced for over fifteen years. But in my defense, I will mention that before I fell asleep, I was reading a copy of “Grown Folks Business” by Victoria Christopher Murray, which deals with infidelity. The husband didn’t actually commit a sexual act, but he fell in love with someone else, a man.

Some folks would disagree and say that the main topic was homosexuality and the down low trend, which I’ve been aware of since the eighties, but is just now coming to light in the mainstream world. And they’d be right. In fact we both would, because there are many issues being touched in this story and since matters of importance are subjective, and this is my blog...I’m going with the infidelity issue this morning…lol.

Merriam Webster defines infidelity as unfaithfulness to a moral obligation : DISLOYALTY marital unfaithfulness or an instance of it. The protagonist’s husband, Quentin, is clear to point out that although he’s in love with someone else, it has nothing to do with sex and although he doesn’t come out and make a bold statement, by the author’s skillful wording, his very tone comes through loud and clear and you get the idea that he feels confident in, and maybe even takes pride in the fact that he has not been unfaithful.

Which segues nicely into the question: Where does infidelity begin? How is it defined? Does it begin the moment we entertain thoughts about others beside our spouse and refuse to squash those thoughts? Or does it begin only when we proceed to act out our thoughts? And since our premise here is the online arena...the following questions arise (in no particular order):

  • Should a married person have a profile on a Singles Site?
  • If so, should their spouse be told?
  • If all communication stays on site and no personal information is divulged, does that equate fidelity?
  • Does cyber sex equate infidelity?
  • How about phone sex? Infidelity
  • How intimate are the conversations allowed to be?
  • When does it cross the line from just entertainment purposes to become infidelity?

Here are some pointers I received from yesterday on how to spot someone who is married but masquerading as a single person:

  1. No photo is present
  2. Minimal Personal information provided
  3. Not paid members
  4. Too quick to discuss sex when chatting
  5. Too quick to become intimate, people who want to build quality relationships are never in a hurry to jump in bed.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Date With Caution!

A woman at a nightclub one Saturday night, was taken by 5 men, who according to hospital and police reports, gang raped her before dumping her. Unable to remember the events of the evening, tests later confirmed the repeat rapes and along with traces of Rohypnol in her blood, was Progesterex, which is essentially a small sterilization pill.

The drug is now being used by rapists at parties to rape AND sterilize their victims. Progesterex is available to vets to sterilize large animals. Rumor has it that Progesterex is being used together with Rohypnol, the date rape drug.

As with Rohypnol, all they have to do is drop it into the girl's drink. The girl can't remember a thing the next morning, of all that had taken place the night before. Progesterex, which dissolves in drinks just as easily, is such that the victim doesn't conceive from the rape and the rapist needn't worry about having a paternity test identifying him months later.

The drug's effects are not TEMPORARY.....They are PERMANENT! Progesterex was designed to sterilize horses. Any female who takes it...WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO CONCEIVE.

These dickheads can get this drug from anyone who is in veterinarian school or any university. It's that easy, and Progesterex is about to break out big everywhere. Believe it or not, there are even sites on the Internet telling people how to use it.

Please COPY (NOT FORWARD) this to everyone you know, especially females. Be careful when you're out and...

  • Never, ever leave your drink unattended;
  • Never have it watched by someone who is irresponsible; or
  • Never have someone buy you a drink and hand it to you.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Conversation at Noon

divine_1_39(11/12/2004 11:56:52 AM) : last relationship was over 3 years ex-fiancé...just hasn't realized it
divine_1_39 (11/12/2004 11:58:23 AM):I he gonna be calling me on his wedding another woman? I mean...what was I supposed to do...tell him “Don't do it?”
divine_1_39 (11/12/2004 12:01:14 PM): yeah...he calls me on the way to his that's supposed to make me feel good
dee_prince (11/12/2004 12:01:30 PM): hahahahahaha
dee_prince (11/12/2004 12:01:36 PM): naw not meaning to laff
dee_prince (11/12/2004 12:01:40 PM): but I feel ya
divine_1_39 (11/12/2004 12:02:03 PM): go head...I did...eventually…after I got over feeling the disrespect to the sistah he was about to marry
dee_prince (11/12/2004 12:02:31 PM): well naw it’s well
dee_prince (11/12/2004 12:02:44 PM): I’m ahhhhhh…naw …I can’t see it…
dee_prince (11/12/2004 12:03:00 PM): men are fools sometimes
dee_prince (11/12/2004 12:03:03 PM): no all the time
divine_1_39 (11/12/2004 12:03:14 PM): thank honest man!
dee_prince (11/12/2004 12:03:30 PM):
hahahaha comes wit the maturity I guess
divine_1_39 (11/12/2004 12:03:35 PM): but I gotta say...y'all can only do...what we allow y'all to do
dee_prince (11/12/2004 12:03:48 PM): I used to believe that too
dee_prince (11/12/2004 12:04:21 PM): but trust and love is something, unless u truly know what it is, u can’t appreciate what it will permit
dee_prince (11/12/2004 12:05:08 PM): trusting and loving someone sometimes…I mean people…unless they know how to trust and love…can’t appreciate it 4 what it is
dee_prince (11/12/2004 12:05:23 PM): they abuse it
dee_prince (11/12/2004 12:05:35 PM): and it’s not ur fault
dee_prince (11/12/2004 12:05:46 PM): for trusting or loving them
divine_1_39 (11/12/2004 12:05:49 PM): I disagree
dee_prince (11/12/2004 12:06:15 PM): never mind
divine_1_39 (11/12/2004 12:06:36 PM): your mind
dee_prince (11/12/2004 12:06:55 PM): I feel it…but can’t relay it
divine_1_39 (11/12/2004 12:07:18 PM): ok...then lemme hit u wit my perspective
dee_prince (11/12/2004 12:07:49 PM): hit me then
divine_1_39 (11/12/2004 12:08:32 PM): I mean...I can be dramatic...but thas just a natural extension of who I am as the 8th child in the family...if you wanna be seen or something about it...and quickly before you're shut down!
dee_prince (11/12/2004 12:09:04 PM): ok just the opposite
dee_prince (11/12/2004 12:09:09 PM): the oldest of 8
dee_prince (11/12/2004 12:09:18 PM): but basically the same
divine_1_39 (11/12/2004 12:09:27 PM): alright we come at it from different standpoints
dee_prince (11/12/2004 12:09:27 PM): no identity of ur own
dee_prince (11/12/2004 12:10:02 PM): I was thought of or related to the other seven
dee_prince (11/12/2004 12:10:06 PM): in every way
divine_1_39 (11/12/2004 12:10:07 PM): not had the responsibility...whilst I was the responsibility
dee_prince (11/12/2004 12:10:21 PM): but not the identity
dee_prince (11/12/2004 12:10:41 PM): every body else had a name
dee_prince (11/12/2004 12:11:02 PM): I was officially "da oldest"
divine_1_39 (11/12/2004 12:11:13 PM): I was officially..."da baby"
dee_prince (11/12/2004 12:11:19 PM): hahahaha
dee_prince (11/12/2004 12:11:38 PM): folks always talk bout the middle child thing…getting lost…anyway
dee_prince (11/12/2004 12:12:22 PM): back to ur perspective…didn’t mean to interrupt
divine_1_39 (11/12/2004 12:12:39 PM): no problem
dee_prince (11/12/2004 12:12:47 PM): good…cause it’ll probably happen again…hehehe
divine_1_39 (11/12/2004 12:13:14 PM): lol…ya gave me good info
divine_1_39 (11/12/2004 12:13:38 PM): helps me in my lil puzzle of "who is Dee, really?"
dee_prince (11/12/2004 12:14:00 PM): me Dee or u Dee?
divine_1_39 (11/12/2004 12:14:13 PM): ahahahahha...Dee u
divine_1_39 (11/12/2004 12:16:32 PM): anyhow…when I said, y'all can only do what we allow...this is what I meant
dee_prince (11/12/2004 12:16:52 PM): ok
dee_prince (11/12/2004 12:17:02 PM): wait wait
dee_prince (11/12/2004 12:17:09 PM): who is y'all
divine_1_39 (11/12/2004 12:17:39 PM): generally speaking...I think that relationships are the way they are, because in our quest for independence, we women have created an imbalance that was never intended
divine_1_39 (11/12/2004 12:17:44 PM): y'all refers to men
dee_prince (11/12/2004 12:18:50 PM): ok the imbalance thing I can see... the boundaries and rules kinda got fuzzy
divine_1_39 (11/12/2004 12:19:00 PM): yes...
divine_1_39 (11/12/2004 12:19:45 PM): looking at the way God intended it, women were to be protected, provided for, cherished...and there were set and enforceable punishments for pre-marital sex, incest and/or rape that made it less likely to occur
divine_1_39 (11/12/2004 12:20:23 PM): now in our quest for independence and a voice...we've so absorbed the male mentality...or so we think...that we've created a new set of problems for ourselves
dee_prince (11/12/2004 12:20:38 PM): yes
dee_prince (11/12/2004 12:20:44 PM): agree
divine_1_39 (11/12/2004 12:20:54 PM): we can now earn as much or more than some or most males. As a result, we have less tolerance and/or appreciation for males in general, good job or not. At the slightest infraction, real or imagined, they’re shown the door with no attempt to work it out, because, “who needs a man…anyway?”
divine_1_39 (11/12/2004 12:21:21 PM): it's no longer considered a stigma to be a single some women...intentionally go for the "baby...but not the father"
divine_1_39 (11/12/2004 12:22:13 PM): in our attempt to gain respect in the boardroom...we've fallen down on our jobs in the bedroom and lost the respect in the dining room and living room.
dee_prince (11/12/2004 12:22:14 PM): don’t 4 get "sexual preference" oh Sodom oh Gomorrah
divine_1_39 (11/12/2004 12:23:19 PM): I don't claim to have my stuff all together, but it seems that God already had things planned out perfectly for us
divine_1_39 (11/12/2004 12:48:19 PM): now...I brought up the aforementioned as a backdrop (newly realized revelations) before I take where I’ve been
divine_1_39 (11/12/2004 12:51:02 PM): now...when I will only do what is allowed...I was speaking to and for myself...and a whole lot of other sistahs...who've been there...and maybe even to and for some men as well
dee_prince (11/12/2004 12:51:19 PM): ok
divine_1_39 (11/12/2004 12:51:21 PM): is the key
divine_1_39 (11/12/2004 12:51:40 PM): but before a key can open a must know how the key works
divine_1_39 (11/12/2004 12:52:24 PM): now...I called myself being in love...but had no clue what love is
divine_1_39 (11/12/2004 12:53:32 PM): and since our perceptions are shaped by our surroundings and family situation...let's just say...that the lessons in love learned at my father's knees...weren't a true and honest representation
divine_1_39 (11/12/2004 12:54:17 PM): I learned that love suffers at the hand or fist of the loved one
divine_1_39 (11/12/2004 12:54:38 PM): endures public insults
divine_1_39 (11/12/2004 12:55:17 PM): reinforces oneself by saying “ matter where he goes...he always comes back to me.”
divine_1_39 (12:57:59 PM): I also learned that love serves to cancel out or turns a blind eye or is ineffectual in defending it's young from views of abuse or incest, whilst citing it's own wrongs, hurts and pains
divine_1_39 (11/12/2004 12:59:16 PM): sooo...armed with those life lessons...I set out on my own journey of life and love...determined to have a better outcome...than my moms
divine_1_39 (11/12/2004 1:00:42 PM): strike number 1...ex-husband turned out to be just like my dear ole dad...but...I flipped the script...he was the same height and skinny as a rail...he cheated...I beated...and had his mama kick him out and change the locks...we had a 2 year old by then u know
divine_1_39 (11/12/2004 1:01:00 PM): 2 questions? shoot
dee_prince (11/12/2004 1:01:21 PM): ok appreciate the sharing ...
divine_1_39 (11/12/2004 1:01:58 PM): but...
dee_prince (11/12/2004 1:01:59 PM): have u ever wished 4 a world of no deception of no false fronts and kind thoughts and acts...pure?
divine_1_39 (11/12/2004 1:02:45 PM): no...not really…u?
dee_prince (11/12/2004 1:03:13 PM): and the second is... which is more important..... the being "in love" or the "loving" or is there a difference in the 2?
dee_prince (11/12/2004 1:03:18 PM): yes…I do…wish there was a world like that
divine_1_39 (11/12/2004 1:03:46 PM): there's called...heaven
dee_prince (11/12/2004 1:03:58 PM): we spend time and energy wrestling within ourselves bout the uncertainty of externals
dee_prince (11/12/2004 1:04:19 PM): putting up fronts …hiding the fear, the pain and the doubts, and so many other things that we can’t effectively deal with, the delusions our struggles, our minds and hearts encounter
dee_prince (11/12/2004 1:06:11 PM): I mean what u share with me here is somehow easier 4 u because well this isn’t the real world
dee_prince (11/12/2004 1:06:20 PM): I would like to come to u and say
dee_prince (11/12/2004 1:06:29 PM): u know what Dee, my heart is broke…because…well…
dee_prince (11/12/2004 1:06:38 PM): my woman…or aunt…or uncle or some strange person
dee_prince (11/12/2004 1:06:50 PM): did this to me
dee_prince (11/12/2004 1:06:55 PM): and it wasn’t right
dee_prince (11/12/2004 1:06:58 PM): and no one cared…or tried to stop it
dee_prince (11/12/2004 1:07:18 PM): folks don’t care bout folks…and I hate that
dee_prince (11/12/2004 1:07:24 PM): truly care
dee_prince (11/12/2004 1:07:30 PM): and now I’m crying so…I’ll let u answer the second question
dee_prince (11/12/2004 1:07:43 PM): the "loving" or the "in love"
divine_1_39 (11/12/2004 1:10:17 PM): actually let me address what you just is actually just as easy in person as it is on see the first telling is the hardest...after's all gravy train...and trust...when you've stood in front of a congregation that includes everyone near and dear to you, including your child, and expound on the issue as part of a've taken control of the situation and rebuffed the secrecy factor that allows 1 out of every 4 women to experience and/or continue to live under those conditions.
divine_1_39 (11/12/2004 1:11:46 PM): to which is more important...being in love or loving... I think both are important and necessary...just so that the person in love or loving understands what love really is not blind, it gives, without asking/requiring anything in return, it's patient and kind, slow to anger, always ready for reconcialiation, full of hope, it endures a lot and never ends
dee_prince (11/12/2004 1:12:56 PM): hmmmmmm…to me loving is...loving
dee_prince (11/12/2004 1:14:17 PM): "in love" carries more idealism wit it
dee_prince (11/12/2004 1:14:56 PM): an imagined act of what the being in denotes that it can’t last because the in denotes an out
dee_prince (11/12/2004 1:15:19 PM): something u fall into
divine_1_39 (11/12/2004 1:15:20 PM): ok...I hear that
dee_prince (11/12/2004 1:15:25 PM): something u fall out of
dee_prince (11/12/2004 1:15:48 PM): the loving as u so eloquently put it…and I might say ....loving u right now…is something more substantial
dee_prince (11/12/2004 1:16:19 PM): more lasting
dee_prince (11/12/2004 1:16:24 PM): more enduring
dee_prince (11/12/2004 1:16:32 PM): more tolerant
dee_prince (11/12/2004 1:16:39 PM): more loving
dee_prince (11/12/2004 1:17:10 PM): and I’m guessing that God is in effect in ur life now I mean consciously…love is reppin Him
dee_prince (11/12/2004 1:17:28 PM): 4 that is what He is…love
dee_prince (11/12/2004 1:17:40 PM): anyway
dee_prince (11/12/2004 1:18:02 PM): there is a greeting used in the eastern countries
dee_prince (11/12/2004 1:18:17 PM): it’s NAMASTE
dee_prince (11/12/2004 1:19:05 PM): it is the acknowledgement not of the person but the spirit the like spirit or the God within the person
divine_1_39 (11/12/2004 1:19:11 PM): I like that
dee_prince (11/12/2004 1:19:23 PM): the God in me greets the God in u
dee_prince (11/12/2004 1:19:35 PM): something like dat
dee_prince (11/12/2004 1:19:43 PM): I mean it’s deeper
dee_prince (11/12/2004 1:19:47 PM): but I’m simple
dee_prince (11/12/2004 1:19:53 PM): lazy in fact
dee_prince (11/12/2004 1:19:54 PM): hahaha
divine_1_39 (11/12/2004 1:20:30 PM): see...I knew this was inside of you
dee_prince (11/12/2004 1:20:43 PM): no u didn’t
dee_prince (11/12/2004 1:20:53 PM): I’m bad
dee_prince (11/12/2004 1:20:57 PM): and nassy
divine_1_39 (11/12/2004 1:21:00 PM): if u say so...but I know what I know
dee_prince (11/12/2004 1:21:01 PM): and perverted
dee_prince (11/12/2004 1:21:03 PM): and lustful
dee_prince (11/12/2004 1:21:07 PM): and all dem things
divine_1_39 (11/12/2004 1:21:13 PM): yeah...but you know what…I think that’s a front
divine_1_39 (11/12/2004 1:23:10 PM): anyhow...can I get to my grand finale...long winded...I know...but can I get there?
dee_prince (11/12/2004 1:24:07 PM): go on sistah touch dis here brutha
divine_1_39 (11/12/2004 1:24:50 PM): ok...I’ll take that as a yes
dee_prince (11/12/2004 1:26:33 PM): Dee me says yes to Dee u
divine_1_39 (11/12/2004 1:27:16 PM): well in short...I didn't love me...I didn’t think I deserved anything or anyone better, and felt that as long as I had a didn't matter what he acted like...just because I had one. In not holding him responsible for his actions...I let us both down...but of course...this was all realized in hind sight...cause I thought I had my finger on the pulse
divine_1_39 (11/12/2004 1:27:49 PM): mama loved him to death and so did my something must have been wrong with me!
divine_1_39 (11/12/2004 1:30:21 PM): anyhow...I feel if both and women hold each other to account...we'd have less mess...but unfortunately...since we are helpmeets and not the ones designated to be large and in charge...the onus falls on help men respect and treasure us, by believing that we do deserve their respect, and calling them on it when they fall below the mark…anyhow…gotta run…we’ll continue this tomorrow…time for lunch with my moms…we’re mending fences…peaceeee.
divine_1_39 logged off 11/12/2004 1:30:59 PM