Monday, February 15, 2010

Meet LaShaunda C. Hoffman

Hi Folks,

Age is Just a Number (AIJAN) was able to have a brief conversation with LaShaunda Hoffman, the publisher of Shades of Romance Magazine (SORMAG), whose site has had a recent facelift!

AIJAN: Your site looks fabulous! What prompted the change?

LASHAUNDA: I’m always trying to take SORMAG to the next level, so I thought it was time for a change. I had someone look at the sites I’d done and they suggested that in order to move it to the next level, I needed to give it a professional look instead of a homemade look. I contacted Ella at EDC Creations and she created the new look.

AIJAN: What has been the reaction of your readers?

LASHAUNDA: Everyone loved it. I think it was the look it needed to move forward.

AIJAN: I also see that you're now a paying market, kudos to you... when did that begin and where do you hope to go with it?

LASHAUNDA: We’ve been a paying market for the last five years. I like the idea of helping someone start their freelance career. It’s not a lot of money but it something for your efforts. This year I plan on featuring a short story and an article each month.

AIJAN: Aside from SORMAG, what personal goals are you hoping to achieve in 2010—literary or otherwise?

LASHAUNDA: I’m an aspiring writer so I’m hoping to complete two books this year. I’m currently working on a contemporary romance and a middle grade book. They both have challenged me in the writing area, but it’s fun to see where the characters take me.

AIJAN: Thanks for stopping by to answer our questions. The stretch from contemporary romance to middle grade book does sound both challenging and rewarding. We look forward to reading your offerings and also to the opportunity to help promote your work the way you’ve done for others over the past ten years. Is there anything else you'd like our readers to know?

LASHAUNDA: Stop by SORMAG anytime. We offer author interviews on Monday’s and Fridays. We have three new columnists who are offering their wisdom on writing characters, journaling and freelancing. We love giving away books, so there’s always a free book to win and if you don’t have time to stop by, you can get the magazine delivered daily to your email or blog reader—

Thanks for the opportunity to talk about my favorite blog.

LaShaunda C. Hoffman -
SORMAG Publisher

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LaShaunda said...


Thanks so much for introducing me to your readers.

Have a great year.

Dee said...

You're welcome and Thanks... it was my pleasure.