Sunday, November 14, 2010

Well We're Moving on Out..

Moving on out
to a deluxe location on my domain
We're movin on out
Moving on out
We finally got the webdesigner's timee!

(For those of you too young to know or remember...that's my plagiarized version of the theme of the Jeffersons, a sitcom from the 70's.)

Anyway, I sang the above to say--this blog has finally been imported onto my author domain site as This new address will supersede as well as the old FTP address

Since it is mid-stream...the upcoming blog tour for The House by Anjuelle Floyd on the 29th will be posted on both sites. (PLEASE NOTE: This location will no longer be updated after 11/29/2010.)

Hope to see you here or there on the 29th!

Also, if you're a current follower, you will need to rejoin my site at its new location since I don't think I can automatically transfer members. (We shall see.)

And last but not least... check out my upcoming activities around the web:

  • November 17th - Blog Tour Host for Dr. Tiffany C. Brown, Author of The Reflections of Light for Daily Living
  • November 17th - Gratitude Giveaways - 11 days of appreciation for the followers of two of my blogs. You must be a follower before November 17th to be eligible to participate.  Blogs being used are:
    • Divine Perspective - Life, relationships, love, books, writing and more–from a Christian Perspective
    • Naked and Unashamed - Transparent ramblings of a singing, talking and writing abuse survivor


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