Saturday, March 08, 2014

How to Build a Home Library by Buying Books in Bulk

One of the best ways to truly personalize your home is by adding a home library containing all of your favorite book titles. All of your varied interests and pursuits can be put on display in one place, and allow you to have any immediately necessary information right at your fingertips. Stylistically, libraries can be an impressive and arresting addition to your home. Whether it is a simple shelving unit, or an entire room devoted to literature, one of the easiest ways to populate your library is by buying books in bulk from wholesale book distributors. These distributors are able to sell multiple copies of the same title, or sell groupings of books that fall under the same genre or are written by the same author. It is for this reason that individuals can create a home library without spending excessively by purchasing individual titles only. There are several considerations when building a library:

  • Selection of titles
  • How to acquire a variety of titles
  • Construction
  • Library purpose

Selecting Book Titles

When selecting the book titles that will rest upon your shelves, it is important to consider the purpose of your library. If you are using it as a professional resource, that will dictate the types of titles that are included in the library. Perhaps you are using it for personal use, which may mean a greater focus on literary classics as opposed to resource books. Regardless, your personal needs should be considered when you are selecting the titles that will fill your book shelves. Additionally, libraries send a message to all who enter your home or office. A law office should certainly include titles relating to various aspects of the law, but it would send an inappropriate message to include the complete works of Calvin and Hobbes, unless of course you were referring to the philosophers, and not the comic-strip characters.


One common practice among literature enthusiasts is trading books. Many individuals have found it to be a good practice to buy multiple copies of a recently popular book and use it as trade fodder. They buy, for example, 30 copies of a recent bestseller that is in high demand, and then trade it to others for a wide variety of titles. This is a great way to acquire a number of diverse titles while also socializing with other book lovers.


Another great aspect of creating a home library is exposing yourself to literature you may have never otherwise thought to read. There are some wholesalers who will sell bulk books according to genre or author. Perhaps you read Slaughterhouse Five many years ago, but had never read any of Vonnegut’s other work. Buying bulk books by author would then expose you to other titles, such as Galapagos, or Sirens of Titan. Diversifying your literature is a great way to broaden your horizons and experience literature you may have never otherwise come across. 

There are many benefits to creating a home library. The consistent presence of literature helps to ensure that everyone residing in the home will be much more likely to spend time reading, and will greatly expand their literary horizons. Additionally, diversifying your literary collection allows you to experience authors and genres that you may have never thought to pursue.

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