Monday, October 08, 2007


To my brothers and sisters who have been brave enough to step outside the box and try this new thing we call "Online Dating"

If you've been at it for any length of time, you will have perhaps encountered folks who think you're crazy, desperate or just plain don't understand the idea of it. Maybe you began with entertainment purposes in mind and then one day, a profile spoke to you and you reached out, made contact and became hooked. Or maybe that's just me? Let me know if you feel me.



Sometimes I think you're a figment of my imagination
Sometimes I think I'm in it all by myself
Just when I've convinced myself it's over
or wonder had it ever been
You type up a response and then hit "send"

Recognition sets my heart aquiver
Then all of me begins to shiver
Even as I acknowledge my susceptibility
I immerse myself in thoughts of possibility

Perhaps this time things will be different
Steady and strong not intermittent
Your words will not become a song
My hopes won't just be dreams gone wrong

Not that I want to call your words a lie
They just don't come true even when I try and try
The disappointment then becomes a trend
Seems even closer than my dearest friend

You give me just enough to keep me hooked
All the while your calendar reads "booked"
You've helped me to work past my fear
Yet all the while your own is still there

The frustrating part of this whole plight
Is that you see me and what you see you like
But years and years of self dislike
Has made you forsee only slights

So I know it is time to call it quits
Deal with the real of what this is
Made up, contrived: a figment, a wish
Served hot or cold, it's an unpalatable dish

I collect my thoughts and view the screen
Curtailing my hopes with all my being
I remind myself just how long it's been
Then I resolutely click "delete"

(c) 2007 by D.S. White

Author of Age is Just a Number: Adventures in Online Dating (09/06) and Love Quest: Looking for Love in Cyberspace ... coming November 2008

Publisher of Incremental Stages by Karen Baker (12/07)

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