Wednesday, July 25, 2007 - Free Online Dating

Alexa Traffic Rank: 121,362
Google Links from other sites: 17
Google Page Rank: 6/10
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Tagline--"Free Online Dating: A Place For Friends"

Site Description: - Free Online Dating is a site for people from all over the World. It offers free profile, free email, instant messenger, video profile, video chat, rating and much more.

Site Features:

- Ability to create a free Video Profile in seconds:
- Free Unique IM system, similar to ICQ, in real time
- Upon registration, you can send: emails, instant messages, and chat with other members
- Rating system to express your opinion of other members
- Ability to create Friendship Circles and introduce new friends to your existing ones
- Ability to see who voted for you and the vote given
- Automatic Free VIP memberships! Key requirement: frequent visits.
- Health page that covers topics from Acne to Yoga

My Impression:

Upon clicking the link of the first thing to catch my eye my the woman across the top of the page in slinky lingerie. Not a great impression for me, but maybe the fellas will love it. Another no no for me was the fact that I clicked on the "About" page and it was blank.


  • Site is FREE
  • Joining is easy and straightforward
  • Site has equitable features as found in a paid site and more
  • Site contains a health page and links to resources
  • Site has wide reach - Bulgeria, United States, Turkey, Russia, Greece, United Arab Emirates, Ireland, Saudi Arabia, France, Egypt, Croatia, India, Iran, Sri Lanka, Hungary, Kuwait, Malaysia, Ukraine, China, Algeria, Italy, Jordan and Romania.


  • Moving around the site could be made more intuitive.
  • About page is blank


Overall, I found the features of outstanding, however, due to the absence of the About page, and a certain "Russian Ladies" banner I'm left with a certain level of discomfort.

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