Thursday, October 20, 2005

Do Overs...

I have often wondered this

and I figure I’m not the only


If I could, I would go back to my 22nd year. I mean look at me. I’d discovered the wonders of makeup, colored contact lenses, hair dye and, oh glory,…weaves! Dang if I didn’t look good, in spite of all that! LOL.

It was a year filled with ups and downs. My husband cheated and was kicked out, by his own mama, who changed the locks on her apartment door. (Yeah, we lived with his parents. I was 19 and he was 18…but that’s another story), I became a femme fatale…(translation: deadly female) and dater extraordinaire. In my estimation, there was safety in numbers. I was attending auditions for commercials, background singing spots and background dancing spots.

My hair and consequently "my look" changed constantly. In fact, I had a wig collection that would make Regine of the sitcom entitled “Living Single” salivate.

I recall snagging a spotlight in a video with Keith Sweat’s non-singing-behind. He was assisting with the launch of a new singing group. I can't remember their name but after so many repetitions the words of the chorus "All Night, All Night Long...Hit it!" stuck in my head.

Finally, we were thankfully up to the last and final take. (oxymoron?) I'm dancing happily away in my designated spot, grooving with my newfound Puerto Rican friend, when...she accidentally overbalances, thereby accidentally elbowing me out of the way and catching her balance, right dead center of my spotlight.

I gathered friends and family to see the side of my arm that had made it to video stardom. Alas, too trusting--yet again.

But all in all, despite all of the above…I remember 22 as a very good year.

If you could, or better still, if you were granted just one wish and it had to do with turning back the hands of time...What age would you go back to and why?


Eric Mutta said...

Interesting question. I don't think I would want to go back any particular age in the past.

Not that my past is totally unwelcoming (it's rather uneventful to be honest), but because I prefer the future. If I could, I'd like to fast forward 15 years to see whether what I've spent the last 4 years doing will work as expected.

So to reverse the question: if you could fast forward into the future, how many years would you go, and what would you go looking to see?

PS: When I first popped in (after reviewing your blog on Teh Blog Father, I thought you were around 30. You certainly don't look older than that ;-)

PPS: The above is a dishonest opinion. If I was honest, the number would be even lower and you'd think I was just trying to flatter you :-)

shortynspice said...

Hmmm, sometimes I wish I could go back to the feelings, or environments of the past...but it is to the future we must look forward to.
That sucks that you got "bumped" out the video:-(

Dee said...

Hey Shortynspice,

Thanks for the commiseration. I do look to the future, but just every once in a while...when things are not turning out the way I want them too...I'll go into the "If only" mode...but I don't stay there long.

I'm a singer myself, but too old for American Idol. I could pass for the age limit, but when it came down to proof...I'd be Maybe they'll come up with Mature American Idol? LOL.

Great luck!

Anders Bruce said...

I haven't lived long enough to want to go back in time :).

Posting mainly to thank you for advertising on my blog!

jayne d'Arcy said...

Sometimes I think there are times I'd like to back to, but when it comes right down to it, most of those times are best forgotten. All but one. I'd like to go back to the night before my wedding. My dad had traveled three days and nights with my youngest brother (and driving - which wasn't good for him). We got to talk, quite a bit, and he got to meet my soon-to-be-husband. Anyway, I'd go back, just so I could talk maybe another hour or two with him. I miss him. He died a few months after I was married.

Dee said...

Hey Eric,

Thanks for the lavish compliments and the fabulous review!

Now, to answer your reverse question. If I could fast forward into the future, I would go forward 5 years, just to see how my current circumstances work out. (Oh and if I decided to get married again or not...LOL).

Dee said...

Hey Jane!

Thanks for sharing your memory of your last conversation with your dad. I'm happy that you did have that moment, eventhough it wasn't as long as you would have liked it to be, had you known it would be the last.

I think that sentiment is exemplified in the lyrics of the Luther Vandross' song "Dance With My Father"

Luther says if he had the opportunity to dance with his dad again, he'd pray that the song played would never end.

Eric Mutta said...

Hey Dee, the pleasure was all mine.

PS: don't get married until I can figured out a savvy-enough pick up line to bribe you into a Friday night date ;-)

Dee said...


Give me a few weeks to get the unpacking out of the way and I can probably help you out with what not to say on my new blog for online daters.