Thursday, August 11, 2005

Tagline--"Where Black Folks Click!" This site is part of the network. I've been a member since November 2003. At that time, on offer was a FREE membership which enabled you to browse, flirt and respond to emails from members. Recently revamped, the amenities now include a 14-day trial membership, which entitles you to browse, flirt, email, *chat and *personality profile which helps you discover your "ultimate compatible match." (*New additions). After your 14-day trial, you retain the right to browse, flirt, respond to emails and chat.

Here are a few of what you will receive:

  • Meet Positive, Fun Singles!
  • FREE profile with photos
  • Communicate anonymously
  • FREE chat and winks
  • Chat voice - TALK
  • Cupid - Receive automatic 2-way matches!
  • Personality Test
  • Photo Gallery
  • Weekly Online Poll
  • Monthly Horoscope!


1 month US $ 19.95 (more info about reoccurring)
3 months US $ 44.95
6 months US $ 64.95
12 months US $ 94.95

Those are the facts, now for my personal experience and recommendation:

My Experience:

In the time that I've been a member and attempted to access the site (35%), I was either unable to do so or unable to view my flirts or read my emails. My solution? Visit less frequently and ignore most email notifications that "someone is interested in you."

During the uptime, I communicated via email and IM with several interesting folk . The one person I met physically, turned out to be homeless, a great guy, bit of a dreamer, but--homeless.

Another thought women preachers should only be allowed to preach to other women and children...funny, boychildren were okay. Maybe he should have been taught by one as a boy?

Another I blocked for lewd commentary. (There's always one in the bunch)

Overall, I found that folks on this site had much more fun winking than anything else. Maybe because winking is free?

My recommendation:

Since they've just revamped the site, I'll go easy on them and say, give them a try, you might have a better experience. (Although I've had problems accessing the emails already, since folks are taking full advantage of the FREE 14-day trial which has been afforded to all members, old and new). But, I'd not recommend paying for the membership at this point in time.


Bob Gentry said...

i just checked out your' do not even come close to looking anywhere near 40! ;)

Dee said...

Hey Bob,

Thanks for stopping by. As for the pic, well, technically, I was 39 and 2 months when it was

Anonymous said...

I've recently been aware of romance scammers who will use someone else's photos (usually models copied from web sites) and will give a sob story, then ask for money. has plenty of these scammers as "Gold" members and they are mainly from Nigeria. Even after reporting them on their website, they remain active (even tho you may get a message saying they are "Inactive"). BEWARE!!!