Thursday, August 25, 2005

Site Features:
Click2Date: to request a "date". You will be able to contact members privately, and exchange contact information without posting the information in public. Methods of "dating" include email, instant messengers, ICQ, phone, snail mail, and meeting in person.

My Ideal Date: auto email alert from BlacknSweet, notifying "Ideal Dates". After filling out the requirements for your "Ideal Date" at My Page under the "My Ideal Date" tab, BlacknSweet will match you with other members of your dreams, and alert you by email. This feature could be turned on/off here.

My Hotties: a personalized page to save friends/Hotties. You can save other members on your own My Hotties page by clicking on "Add to my Hotties" next to the pictures on members' pages. Your My Hotties page will show the picture(s) you've saved, and brief information on the member(s) for easier access.

My Rating: to reset your picture rating to zero. You can only reset your rating if you are a Premium Member. Go to My Page, and you will be able to reset all counts to zero under the "My Pic" tab.

Leave a Message: to leave a message on a member's personal page (no contact info allowed; no offensive language). To protect the privacy of yourself and others, and to meet legal privacy standards, you will not be able to publicly post contact information. Use the Click2Date feature or become a Premium Member for private contacts. Any messages with contact information or offensive language will be deleted. Members can reply/delete messages on their own page from My Page under the "My Messages" tab.

Benefits of being a member

Doesn't all of the above sound lovely? Well--Messages show up about three or four months after they've been posted, emails arrive from "MeSoAsian" so you either delete them as spam or overlook them.

I did however meet one of my best friends on here. So it can't be all bad. Pros? You don't really need to purchase a membership to interact. Cons? Quite a few unashamedly creeping husbands on there.

Overall, great for recreational purposes, but as a serious site for someone looking for a relationship? Not!

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