Thursday, August 18, 2005

This site is fairly new and sports a membership of about 2,000. I found it advertised in a new magazine by a sister in Florida. Her editor didn't even respond to my query email, but I'm not As you've probably garnered from the pictures, the site was created primarily to facilitate interracial dating. I've been a member for about a month and so far, I've encountered Lookie Loos, like myself, some folks who are really serious about finding someone and then the folk who just wanna get their freak on. (Word of caution. Avoid the chatrooms after midnight. A few of the folks seem to think video + chatroom is a recipe for amateur peep shows).

Since I've only been a member for a month, I won't concretely say yea or nay to your bid for membership, I'll just say that I've enjoyed a few conversations in the the chatroom and that while I'm aware that people have preferences what has been problematic for me is the number of folks I've encountered or whose profiles I've read that state unequivocally their intent to seek out any other ethnicity but their own. In my opinion, that smacks a bit of self-hatred.

But whether I agree with the narrow parameters of some, I've gotta say more power to them, for being clear of exactly what they desire and going for it.

Current Features available to Members:

  • Your profile hosted FREE with multiple photos
  • Advanced profile searching - search by country, age, ethnicity etc.
  • Unrestricted access to view all member photo profiles
  • Your own Friend List of your favourite members
  • Your own Block List to block unwanted messages
  • Send & receive email messages with all members
  • Flirt with other members with virtual hugs, flowers & kisses
  • Reply to message introductions from subscribers
  • Your own Private Mailbox for all your messages to & from other members
  • Send text Instant Messages or video chat using your web-cam
  • FREE access to chat live in the Interracial Chat Rooms
Sounds great doesn't it? All that for free? Well after a day or two of emailing, chatting etc. You get hit with a trial notice. Now that you've tried, to continue use, you need to subscribe.

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