Sunday, January 08, 2006

100 Things (About Me)

More Than You Ever Wanted To Know And Really Didn't Ask
In No Particular Order

  1. I am graceful yet have been known to trip over my own feet.
  2. I take pride in not being a girly girl.
  3. I am a hoarder.
  4. I carry the strangest things in my pocket book (really a bag or bag pack, since pocket books are girly).
  5. I have wondered if I was gay a time or two, but my older sister assured me I was not, so I took her word for it…LOL.
  6. I could not do without music, either listening to it or singing it.
  7. I hum even when I don’t realize it.
  8. I was in two car accidents before I was eleven.
  9. I'm afraid of driving but I take pride in having and using my license.
  10. I’m very blunt when I’m ill.
  11. I have Tina Turner legs and a Dolly Parton chest.
  12. I am shy, unless I meet someone who’s even shyer than I am.
  13. I am a Christian.
  14. I am celibate.
  15. I am divorced.
  16. I have a twenty-year-old daughter in college.
  17. I was a virgin when I got married at 19.
  18. I married a younger man, he was 18. We were only married for three years.
  19. My favorite subject in school was a toss up between music and PE (Physical Education).
  20. I had a substitute teacher who looked like Billy Dee Williams. Whatever class he substituted, I was attended. One day, he noticed the coincidence, and there endeth my career as a substitute student. I think I deserved an A, for ingenuity... don't you?
  21. I ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches my senior year of high school, so that I could save my allowance to buy books.
  22. I think I broke the sisterhood code when I educated my ex-fiancé about weaves. (Sorry ladies!)
  23. I can’t keep a secret to save my life, but could if it meant saving yours.
  24. I love vampire movies, but hate scary movies.
  25. I am very sensitive.
  26. I am the youngest of eight.
  27. I am down-to-earth but can be dramatic at times.
  28. I'm a member of the bi-polar disorder club.
  29. I come from a dysfunctional family.
  30. My father is deceased. He died alone in a nursing home.
  31. Babies don’t move me one way or the other, unless they’re full of character, or mine.
  32. I try to find something good in everything or everyone.
  33. I hate arguments and avoid them like the plague.
  34. I almost joined the army.
  35. I am passive aggressive.
  36. My mother lives with me (don’t tell her I said that, she thinks, I live with her!)
  37. I have an audio Bible and it’s the coolest invention--EVER!
  38. I've just realized that I am a bit of a pessimist.
  39. I began writing my first book in High School. The hero was Hispanic and the heroine was a redhead and eight years older than he was. Even then, I was before my time...LOL.
  40. I’m semi fluent in Spanish.
  41. I’m predisposed to men of Hispanic descent, which is weird, since I don't trust them...LOL.
  42. I was born on the Island of Trinidad.
  43. I left Trinidad at age 13. Anxious to leave the horrors of the island behind, I also left my sisters and brothers behind, physically and emotionally.
  44. I lost myself for a few years, I tried to be any and everyone else but Me.
  45. I got my first job at sixteen. I spent most of the time avoiding the boss, an oversexed African. One day, he chased me around the couch until I promised to brain him with a lamp. Next day, I introduced him to my older brother.
  46. I got my first real job at seventeen.
  47. My first job was like Sodom and Gomorrah, which was funny, considering how sheltered I'd been. My main thought was, "If my mom knew what goes on here, she'd yank me out!" So of course, I never told her. People had sex in the stairways and snorted coke in the back rooms.
  48. I can organize anyone else, but myself.
  49. I began leaving my room a mess as a silent protest for my OCD mother, but it has unfortunately become a way of life.
  50. I am analytical and illogical at the same time.
  51. I can be quite annoying.
  52. I have an irreverent sense of humor.
  53. The neices, nephews and daughter have voted and (as of two years ago) I was officially voted the wuss of the family. (Although I've grown in leaps and bounds, I've been too afraid to ask for a re-vote)
  54. When I took my daughter to the doctor as a child, I'd hide my head on her shoulder while they took blood for fear of passing out.
  55. I am quite talented but lack the drive to pursue my talents. (some call it laziness?)
  56. A man licking his lips is not sexy to me… so LL Cool J? Cut that out!
  57. I can be impatient. I'm not as easygoing as I seem.
  58. I dislike being referred to as cute. I'm a grown a$$ woman. Cute is for puppies and babies!
  59. I have high expectations of myself and everyone else with whom I deal.
  60. I’m pretty savvy, but can be gullible in my attempt to give folks the benefit of the doubt.
  61. I can touch my nose or my chin with my tongue.
  62. I can dance for hours and hours.
  63. I was once offered the position of mistress to a rich Caucasian man. Before you give me credit for self-worth...I should mention he was 48 and resembled Boss Hogg of the Dukes of Hazzard...LOL
  64. I once owned an online African American Book Store.
  65. I am a good saleswoman; I could sell glasses to a blind man!
  66. I have a great smile!
  67. I can be a chameleon, fit into any circumstance necessary.
  68. Unfortunately, having the skill of being a chameleon, is not so good, if you haven’t found out who you are.
  69. I despise arrogant people.
  70. I despise cheaters, men or women.
  71. I can be antisocial or the life of the party. (Depending on which end of the bi-polar spectrum, I’m cycling through)
  72. Some of my dreams come true… exactly as I dream them, which can be kinda scary or confusing.
  73. I think it’s crazy that curse words are becoming more welcome in schools than God.
  74. I dislike having to repeat myself or my actions.
  75. Funnily enough, I am a good teacher despite that drawback.
  76. I have learned not to deal in absolutes after I found myself young, beautiful, black and proud, begging at the turnstile for a token to get to work.
  77. I am very stubborn.
  78. I once belonged to a cult.
  79. All my sisters (4) are married to younger men.
  80. I cannot cook much, without a cook book.
  81. I can bake a carrot cake that would make you slap your mama for eating the last piece.
  82. I realized that parents didn’t know everything at sixteen.
  83. I’m not a creator, per se, but I can take any idea and tweak it for my purposes.
  84. I hate flowers, plants and trees. (Probably because I had to water my sister’s extensive garden every morning before school back in Trinidad)
  85. I can make friends easily, it’s in keeping them, that I have problems.
  86. I have a love hate relationship with my mother.
  87. My daughter looks just like me.
  88. I LOVE it when folk tell me that I don’t look like forty or act surprised when I mention that I have a daughter in college.
  89. I wrote a song last May.
  90. The oldest person I’ve ever dated was a 29 year old, when I was 18.
  91. I get tipsy on a half bottle of wine cooler.
  92. When I’m tipsy, I get frisky. I stopped drinking when I realized that I was blowing in a female's ear...LOL.
  93. I loved the movie Flash Dance!
  94. I think I’d make a great ballroom dancer. (I might have issues with those barely there dresses though)
  95. I don’t know how deep I’m supposed to get here…so I saved the heavy stuff for the bottom. I figure folks might have gotten bored by now, and If they’re still reading…they must really want to know me.
  96. I am a date rape survivor.
  97. I am an incest survivor.
  98. I used to be hooked on prescription drugs.
  99. I used to be hooked on pornography. (Yeah women watch that mess too, they just don’t admit it.)
  100. I am grateful for every day I see, because at 14 my suicide attempt was averted by my viewing a movie about the effects of suicide on the family of the victim. Coincidence that that movie played at the exact moment I had the bottle of pills in my hands…I think NOT.


eph2810 said...

That is so cool. Thank you for sharing. I was always afraid to post mine, not knowing if I can come up with 100 things about gave me courage - so maybe one day I'll post 100 things..

Dee said...

Hey Iris,

Thanks! Sometimes you just gotta kick fear in the butt! I look forward to reading your 100 things.