Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!

First question of the year:

What were you doing when the clock struck 12:00 a.m?

The stats have been tallied and the results are as follows:

Most frequent renter of 2005 is Jeremy Shipp of Haunted House Dressing with 6 total rentals across three of my blogs. He will be featured on Dee411 for the month of January!

Second frequent renter of 2005 is Mike of Ramblings and Rhetoric with a total of 3 rentals across two of my blogs. He will be featured on Age is Just a Number: Adventures in Online Dating! for the month of January!

Third frequent renter of 2005 is Iris of Eph2810 with a total of 2 rentals of Divine Perspective. She will be featured on Divine Perspective for the month of January!

Fourth frequent renter of 2005 is Stephanie of Mystickal Incense & More Blog who just slid into fourth place yesterday with a total of 2 rentals across two of my blogs. She will be featured on Dear Abbyliqua for the month of January!

Fifth frequent renter of 2005 is Omar of Epiac's Place who was the first to respond via email. And as promised, his response has secured him a spot on Passion for the month of January!

Still up for grabs is the sixth postion by any of my one-time renters across all six blogs I have listed at BlogExplosion.

The spot will be awarded on a first come, first serve basis. The first candidate to discover this post via word of mouth or pingback and respond via comment or email (with subject line: Blog of the Month!) will earn a featured spot on Read Zone.

The blogs* under consideration (in alphabetical order) are:

A la Gauche
A Little of This, A Little of That
A Shellbug's Life
Be the Butterfly
Benjamin Solah's blog
Blogging Boss
Bread and Circuses
Broken Messenger
Daily Thoughts & Sporadic Nonsense
Dark glass - a non-Catholic observes the Church
Faerytale Dreams
Free to Ramble
Guppyman's Rant Zone
Ho Hum What?
husband - DJ - computer geek
jane loves tarzan
Jon's Journal on Police Pursuits
Joyful Mother
Life According to Princess Grace
Living with ADD Blog
Meeting people online
One Way or Another
Ripper Hollow
RockyJay - A Series of Unfortunate Blog Incidents
Scooter McGavin's 9th Green
Sin's Fate
Southern Gal Goes North
Tales of the Opiated Sherpa
the republico journal
Victoria Likes to Blog!
WeddingsInABox- Visual planning blog!
Wild Horses and Winter Dreams
WISE WORDS - A home for aspiring writers!

*PLEASE NOTE: The blogs under consideration are considered by the end date of the rental. So if you have a currently running rental campaign, your blog will be under consideration for February's "Blog of the Month" spot.

Thanks again all and Happy New Year!


Stephanie Davies said...

WooT!!! Thank you SO much!! I am so excited, and happy to be featured on your blog! You have a ton of great blogs, and I would be honored to be on any of them!


I wish you the very best in 2006!

Dee said..., thank you for the rentals! The funny thing is, it seems were were posting on each other's blogs simultaneously!

In my excitement to get the news to you I erroneously cited this blog as your monthly spot, but it's actually: Dear Abbyliqua

Stephanie Davies said...

That's cool! :) I love the 3 blogs of yours I've read...they are all great! I've even linked to them on my Blogroll on my sidebar :) Thanks again so much {hugs}

Dee said...

Thanks! I will be sure to reciprocate the linkage.

I'm off to church now. Chat with you later.


Jade said...

Great post! Some of those I've read, or been reading, but I am anxious to check out the others! I love to find a new read!