Friday, October 27, 2006

Before You Pop the Question

So, the online dating arena was a big success. You’re ready to pop the question, but first you need the prerequisite diamond engagement ring.

Located in the world famous diamond district of Manhattan, offers the finest selection of Quality Diamonds & Jewelry at Low Prices. In their own words, “we ensure that you will NEVER PAY RETAIL PRICES AGAIN...PERIOD!”

Okay, so you’re ready to propose, you’ve got a probable jeweler, so you walk in and pick the biggest and brightest diamond you can afford … right? NOT!

The clearest diamond of the highest Karat does you no good if it’s set in yellow gold, when it should be white gold, or if it’s the traditional stone, when it should be pear-shaped or if the design is clunky when it should be delicate and barely there.

Before you spend a dollar, take her personal style into consideration. Then and only then will you have … the perfect ring … for her.

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