Saturday, October 07, 2006

A Vision of Futuristic Health

Take one daring company, a CEO with vision, gidgets, gadgets and techies ... "oh my" and what do you have?

A privately owned CA-based company by the name of Epocrates with an online reference site where the specifics on over 3,300 drugs, for e.g. Plavix can be obtained by a simple site search.

Said information was previously available via PDA, but with the advent of Epocrates Online the necessary, life saving information is available to the average healthcare professional at a great price: FREE!

For the healthcare professional who desires more than the dosing, pricing and formulary information provided in the FREE version, a premium subscription is available. With the premium subscription comes 400 alternative medicine monographs, patient education handouts, pill pictures, pill identifier and hundreds of medical tables and calculations.

As to the purpose of branching out into the online arena?

No better one to find out from, but the chairman and CEO , Kirk Loevner, who was quoted as follows, "Epocrates Online also provides us with the opportunity to develop content and services that are optimized for an online platform".

Here's to the future of healthcare, may more companies like Epocrates emerge.

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