Saturday, December 17, 2005

More Changes - A New Host!

Well people, I've given myself an early Christmas gift.

As of December 8th, I moved all of my blogs and my marketing website on over to

Although a scary endeavor and fraught with thought of all I don't know about downloading and running nifty programs like Drupal, wordpress, Viper Guest Book, ZenCart and more, between their customer service and my buddy Eph2810 who was also doing the same thing, I made it through.

All in all, thus far it's been a fabulous gift, but don't just take my word for it, click the banner below to find out more for yourself!

Singing as she wanders away from the computer,

“So bring us some figgy pudding
so bring us some figgy pudding
so bring us some figgy PUD-DING!
And a cup of good cheer!”

1 comment:

epiac1216 said...

Hi Dee:

Thank you for your nice comments. It's a kind gesture on your behalf. Yes, I had a good time with my family and the new Linux Ubuntu. (Grin)