Thursday, December 29, 2005

That's More Like It! (6)

Tuesday, March 25, 2003:

I checked BV to see if I got any notes. Only two notes, not up to BP standards, but it will do.

The first note was from Jagman (not a bad name) so I opened it. He is from Maryland, (ok a plus), 5’ 10’1/2” tall, (another plus), no pic, (cancelled out the other pluses).

He wanted to know why I was on there and why am I single.

An old pro on fielding that question by now, I responded by telling him, I was single by choice. (Hmm…a cheating fiancĂ© and a cheating husband?) I replied that I’d dropped the zeroes and was holding out for a hero.

Right away he responded and made it clear that he is looking for someone and isn't prepared to do the phone/email thing for any length of time. He also wanted to set up a meeting.

Although gratified by his straightforward attitude, it was a little scary and off putting. I’m not one for too much B.S. or flattery, but a little wouldn’t have hurt! Aside from his inferred compliment by asking me what am I doing on that site. His compliment quota is in no danger of being reached.

I am a contrary mess, aren’t I? I don’t trust effusive compliments, and this brother is doing everything I say I prefer…so what’s the problem? It’s just a feeling I have.

Oh wow! V8 moment, he didn’t mention anything about his beliefs and I was so busy focusing on the lack of compliments I totally missed that.

You’re slipping girl. Priorities, remember?

Christian male equals fewer headaches. Say it with me now, Christian male equals fewer headache! Okay.

To Be Continued…

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